Bacchanalia Restaurant…A lavish Mediterranean odyssey

Nestled amid the bustle of Mayfair lies the gateway to another world, where the decadence of ancient Greece and Rome meets fine dining. Bacchanalia Restaurant opened its doors at the end of 2022, with the vast majority of its £80m investment mostly spent on original works of art. 

The latest addition to the Caprice holding group, which includes Sexy Fish, Scotts, Daphne’s, 34 Mayfair, Balthazar, J Sheekey and Noema Mykonos, Bacchanalia is a breathtaking feast for the senses. Its menu is brimming with Mediterranean delicacies, set in one of the most immersive venues the culinary world has ever seen. Richard Caring is the name behind some of the most glamorous and revered members’ clubs and restaurants in the capital, from Annabel’s to Scotts. He enlisted maverick designer Martin Brudnizki to create this sumptuous Mount Street venue, which takes dining to an entirely new level. Bacchanalia features no less than four Damien Hirst statues and Gary Myatt’s masterpiece Romans in Their Decadence, set alongside a carefully curated selection of 2,000 year old works of art. 

Bacchanalia’s unassuming facade belies the revelry that lies behind its doors. To enter is to immerse yourself in another world, where Greco-Roman feasting is reimagined with a combination of contemporary ingredients, and exquisite vintage wines flow freely. This oasis for food lovers is a gastronomic haven in the city, with culinary virtuoso Eric Sinclair at the helm. The award-winning chef has gained global recognition for his creative and innovative approach to food, with a resume that boasts stints at several Michelin starred restaurants. Bacchanalia may have only been open a short while, but it’s already established itself as one of London’s most sought-after dining destinations. 

Sinclair’s menu is testament to his commitment to culinary excellence, with a fusion of flavours that draw inspiration from a variety of global cuisines, from warming Asian spices to —  as is expected from a Greek or Roman feast —  lots of Mediterranean delights. Every visit to this exceptional Mayfair restaurant is a unique journey through a world of flavours, with headliners including Sea Bream Carpaccio, Lobster with Black Truffles and Spicy Nduja Beef Tartare. There’s caviar aplenty, along with a feasting table groaning with seafood, flatbreads and Greek Salad. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy treats including the chef’s own Tiramisu, Yuku and Chestnut Pavlova, or Icarus, an indulgent choux bun filled with dark chocolate cream, fresh raspberry and pistachio.

To complement the exceptional cuisine, Bacchanalia restaurant offers an extensive wine list featuring a combination of old-world classics and new-world gems. The cocktail menu is equally impressive, with signature tipples including the Piperi (Beefeater gin, vetiver, chardonnay, strawberry and soda), Lost in Athens (Don Juilo Bianco tequila, Lost Explora mezcal, pineapple, palo santo, citrus and soda) and Maenad (Roku gin, raspberry, eucalyptus, white chocolate, Greek yoghurt and egg white). 

In the inner sanctum of Bacchanalia’s temple sits Artemis, a private dining room offering the most sublime escapism for small groups. The private tasting menu lunch starts at £90 per person, with dinner from £120 a person, and can be personalised according to your unique requirements. 

One of the defining features of Bacchanalia restaurant is its service, with attentive toga-clad waiting staff and even an in-house grape feeder adding to the decadence of the experience. This isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place to indulge. Like the times that inspired it, Bacchanalia is about excess and opulence, presenting diners with an opportunity to escape the monotony of contemporary life and live like Gods and Goddesses for a few hours. It’s no surprise then that this lavish gem is so difficult to book, and there’s an extensive waiting list for the most sought after tables in the house. Fortunately the Gods are on your side if you’re a Venturion PC Member, as we can get you a reservation even at the last-minute. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll work our magic.

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