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Cappadocia, Turkey 




$375 per night 

Museum Hotel Cappadocia…Relais & Chateaux Group

The only hotel in the whole of Turkey that’s part of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux group, Museum Hotel Cappadocia is a much more than simply a hotel; it’s an experience to be remembered forever. This truly unique destination is located in a very special part of Cappadocia, known for its vibrant history and stunning landscape.

The hotel has been designed and created to live in perfect harmony with the surrounding area, which is rich with historical features and ruins. The area is comprised of tall rock formations that look so magical they have earned the nickname “fairy chimneys”, as well as Bronze age dwellings and churches built into caves.

Featuring just thirty rooms, all of which have their own inimitable aesthetic, the Museum Hotel Cappadocia invites its discerning guests to experience the charm and character of days gone by, but in ultimate luxury. This is a truly magical getaway, and the hotel’s “living museum” concept is echoed through every room, corridor and doorway. From rustic cave rooms to traditional suites, every room is filled with priceless antiques, stunning works of art and exquisite details. And if that wasn’t enough, they all enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

The hotel’s journey began with an extensive and highly ambitious restoration project in 1998, involving the total transformation of local caves, ruins and houses. Its completion heralded the birth of the very first luxury hotel in the region, and since then the Museum Hotel Cappadocia has become one of the most sought after destinations on the planet. Every single member of the immaculately presented, highly experienced team is dedicated to providing the best possible service, going above and beyond to ensure every guest’s needs are not just met, but exceeded.

The hotel is a real museum, inspired by founder  Ömer Tosun’s passion for history and antiques. A prolific collector, he built an impressive personal collection of pieces dating back to the Ottoman Empire and Seljuk, Roman, and Hittite periods. It was always his dream to create a hotel in which guests could immerse themselves in truly authentic Cappadocian culture in every way, so there are genuine pieces from the Nevşehir Museum on display throughout the hotel.

The Museum Hotel Cappadocia offers a panoramic view of the region that is completely unrivalled by any other destination. Whether relaxing in your room or enjoying a perfectly blended cocktail on the terrace, you can marvel at the vast majesty of the Avanos, Göreme, Love Valley, Pigeon Valley, Red Valley, and Mount Erciyes. The local area is perfect for lovers of history and authenticity. Many of the stone houses close to the hotel are thousands of years old, each with its own story to tell. The magical Uchisar Castle is just a stone’s throw away, making the destination perfect for a romantic getaway or proposal.

Persians, Hittites, Ottomans and Ancient Romans lived in the local caves, and during the Seljuk period locals were crafting homes from yellow stones. Today those homes have been  lovingly restored and reimagined as premium rooms and suites, and the hotel’s lavish reception area and restaurants have also sculpted from these extraordinary historic buildings. And if, like many of our clients, you enjoy your hotels to be calm and relaxing, you will appreciate the fact that all guests are over the age of twelve years old.

The local district is named after the Tekeli clan, a nomadic tribe who introduced the Akhal-Teke horse breed to the area. This led to Cappadocia becoming known locally (and around the world) as “The Land of Beautiful Horses”, which makes the hotel particularly appealing to modern day equestrians to this day. The temperate climate and stunning views also make Cappadocia officially the best place in the world to enjoy hot air ballooning, and the sky is often full of hundreds of brightly coloured balloons.

The Relais & Chateaux name is synonymous with truly unique, artistic and luxurious hotel experiences, and the Museum Hotel Cappadocia is no exception. This is a different world, in which refined hospitality is taken to an entirely new level and your experience is always placed at centre stage. If you are a foodie who expects the very best in presentation and flavour, you’re in for a treat. The hotel’s chefs use local produce, obtained from close relationships with the region’s farmer’s, fishermen and cheese makers to ensure an immersive culinary experience that delights every sense.

The entire team delivers an exceptional service that always has the health and safety of guests at the heart of everything they do. But during the Covid-19 pandemic, this is an even bigger priority. You can rest assured that when you stay at  the Museum Hotel Cappadocia every inch of the hotel is kept meticulously clean and every staff member is following stringent guidelines and practices to keep you and your party safe at all times. From the infinity pool to the a la carte restaurant, there is not one area of the hotel that isn’t scrupulously clean and luxurious.The hotel proudly displays its Safe Tourism certificate and you can relax safe in the knowledge that everything is maintained to Relais & Chateaux exacting standards.

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