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Three things we guarantee you:

Get more time for your main responsibilities at work

Get a reliable partner to cooperate with worldwide

Get more tasks done and achieve the best results

How many times a day do you find yourself dealing with tasks that take up too much of your valuable time? What about those frustrating problems that are beyond your control due to regulations in another country, distance or time difference? We know as well as you do that, one person can’t cope with the immensity of these tasks, but your superiors still expect top results and quality performance.

Venturion Private Club is your trusted partner for all your international tasks. We have partners all over the world, which means we can find your clients the best solutions wherever they may be travelling. From booking hotels and private jets to organising airport transfers in any country at any time, we are here to ensure everything goes smoothly. Maybe your boss needs a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town, but it’s fully booked. Or they want to find the very best nanny or tutor in London or New York at short notice. Whatever their demands, our extensive database and agency contacts mean we have everything covered.

Of course, a Google search for a particular service will return some results, but never enough for you to make an informed decision that guarantees quality. But we have a proposal which is far more convenient, secure and efficient – just one company, one phone number and one dedicated person to fulfil your requests. Now you have your own team of specialists who are only ever just a phone call away, so you can deliver the results your employer expects. We are here to support you whenever and wherever you need us, whatever the nature of your problem. Are you ready for a fruitful partnership? Try us for one month and discover how we can help you fulfil every request.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Why use a concierge when I can do it myself?

It’s impossible for just one personal assistant to have the global connections across multiple industries that we do – which is precisely why you need us. With Venturion Private Club you will become part of a worldwide network of professionals who have developed mutually beneficial relationships with hotels, restaurants and luxury service providers around the globe. All it takes for us is a call or message to get connected with the right partner to fulfil your needs.

How do we work together?

Typically we deal with requests that you are unable to deal with as they are outside your country of residence. We know your main priority is to satisfy your employer’s requests in a timely and professional manner, so we are here to help you make sure it happens. Whatever form of communication you prefer; phone call, WhatsApp, telegram message or email, you will be able to reach us 24/7.

How much does it cost?

The price of our service is based on each individual request. Whether you need help with a relatively small task like booking an airport transfer, or have been tasked with organizing an entire international relocation for a family, contact us for a quote.

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Example Query
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Send us any type of travel request and we can provide you with you with the perfect accommodation and transportation arrangements based on your employer’s personal requirements.

Present  your employer with VIP tickets for any sporting event, concert or awards ceremony in the world, even at the last minute.

Do you need a Rolex, Augment Piguet or Patek Philippe watch for your boss? Or perhaps a limited edition Hermes Kelly or Birkin bag for his wife? We are here to source these must-have items wherever and whenever you need them.

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