Family holidays

Family holidays are a treasured event when you can spend time with the ones you love and make lasting memories. But creating the perfect holiday isn’t easy. Coordinating multiple people can be challenging enough, not to mention managing all the transport details, baggage and activities too. Our expert team of family concierges is here to handle every aspect of your family holiday booking, to ensure everyone has an amazing time, and you get the rest you deserve. Not only do we manage everything from passports to fast track check-ins in the very best rooms, but we’ll also put together an entire itinerary, so you know everyone’s happy and occupied. You can also delegate all your day to day tasks to us to make sure everything is running like clockwork back at home.

As your personal concierge, it’s our job to get to know what makes you and your family tick and understand the things you all love to do your family holidays. So, whether it’s breakfast with Elsa at Disneyland Paris or swimming with dolphins in Florida, you can trust Centurion PC to craft the perfect family holiday experience.

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