Leisure activities

Children can be notoriously hard to please, so delegate the planning of your family leisure activities to us, and we’ll promise a fun-filled programme for all ages.

As highly experienced family concierges with a wealth of contacts and ideas, you’ll have access to an endless list of activities, both in the UK and abroad. Whether you need to keep your children occupied while you’re tied up at an important event, or you’re looking for a challenging new adventure to share together, we’ll come up with a breathtaking list of activities you’ll love.

As well as booking regular leisure pursuits like trips to the cinema and theme parks, we are always ready to take on your more unusual challenges too.  All it takes is a couple of phone calls, and we could soon have you all white water rafting in the South of France, pony trekking through the Grand Canyon, or racing sand buggies in the dunes of Egypt. Of course, we’ll make sure all activities are age-appropriate and come with your own personal coach, so all you’ll have to worry about is how we can possibly make your next leisure activity even better.

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