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Made to measure

Special occasions call for bespoke items that fit like a glove. So, when off the peg simply won’t do, allow us to introduce you to the very best tailors, dressmakers, fashion designers and milliners in the world.

Our made to measure items are the ultimate in bespoke fashion, effortlessly fitting the contours of your body and flattering your form. Not only will you have the pleasure of knowing nobody in the world has the same item of clothing in their dressing room, but you will also look and feel like a million dollars in a tailor-made outfit in the most luxurious materials. We have access to some of the biggest names in fashion, whose designs have been worn on countless red carpets and at royal weddings.

Our made to measure service also extends beyond clothing, with handmade curtains, bespoke upholstery and fitted shutters and blinds for an interior that’s just as stylish as you are.

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