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Sport events

Our exceptionally connected team of personal concierges have contacts with sporting agents and clubs all around the world. So, if you or a loved one is crazy about sport, we’re in the perfect position to create an amazing experience that will be the envy of fans everywhere. From front row seats at the world heavyweight boxing championship and VIP tickets at Premier League cup finals to private boxes at Ascot and F1 driver meet-and-greets at Monaco, no request is out of our reach when it comes to sport events.

We are dedicated to bringing you first-class access to the biggest and best sport events in the calendar. As your concierges we will be at your side to ensure your total comfort and satisfaction throughout the entire day. From the moment we pick you up in your chosen luxury vehicle, we’ll handle everything from bypassing queues to making sure there’s a team of caterers on hand to keep you topped up with food and drink.

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